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You have made the choice to Succeed at work, now what?

Do One or More of These Struggles Hit Close to Home?

THis is confusing...

There is no clear, straight, path to follow in your career to ensure success – the goalposts keep moving.

There are too many options...

You have so many possible directions to go in and are overwhelmed by the choices.

is this as good as it gets?..

Work is taking up so much of your life and, yet, does not seem to be all you hoped for.

Online career coaching...

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Career success is about keeping the locus of control central to ourselves. We can create a work life we enjoy, profit from, and which benefits others as well as ourselves, rather than one that drives us to unhealthy and unproductive behaviors. This is not about creating a career that looks good on a CV, or getting the highest salary, it is about working and living in a way that is authentic to yourself. Finding your life’s work.

When you work authentically with a professional career coach it is easy to let go of goals that would not get us where we really want to go anyway. Our decisions should be congruent with our values and will pay dividends for years to come, not just at the end of this quarter. I will help you find your way and explore your career options.

Life's Work Press publishes books and workbooks for you to excel in your chosen life's work.

You're not alone…

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If you ask ten people for their purpose in life, nine won’t have a clue (the tenth wouldn’t be so sure either). To be honest, I would have been in that crowd of nine. Before I figured out the path to purpose, I felt rudderless, shifting here and there without a plan, without direction.

But when I finally figured it out, everything changed. I was focused, motivated, and truly alive. The difference it made in my career compelled me to share what I have learned with you. I became a  coach and since,  have had the privilege of showing people just like you how to figure out where they are, where they want to go , and how to get there . I can show you as well.

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Three Steps to Walking Your Authentic Path:

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Together we’ll follow my step-by-step process to design your career journey and start a new chapter in your life.

Love your life's work

We’ll then work together to travel that path and to discover your authentic way forward.

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