5 Things Your Interviewer’s Body Language is Saying

Things Your Interviewer's Body Language is Saying

Your Job Interviewer Body Language is Telling You Something

Have you ever been in a job interview and felt like your interviewer was sending you mixed messages? The truth is, your interviewer’s body language can tell you a lot about how they feel about you and the answers you’re giving. Here are five things to look out for when trying to interpret what their interviewer body language is telling you.

1. Eye Contact – Maintaining good eye contact with your interviewer is important and can be a great indication of how interested they are in what you’re saying. If your interviewer maintains good eye contact, it’s likely that they’re paying attention to what you’re saying and are interested in learning more about you. On the other hand, if your interviewer is constantly looking away or avoiding eye contact, then it could be an indication that they’re not as engaged in the conversation as they should be.

2. Open Posture – Are your interviewer’s arms crossed while speaking with you? If so, this could indicate that they feel closed off and uninterested in hearing what you have to say. Alternatively, if your interviewer’s body language open; relaxed posture with hands open at their side or on the table, this could be indicative of them being relaxed and open-minded during the interview process.

3. Head Nods – Pay attention to whether or not your interviewer is nodding while speaking with them; this could be a sign that they agree with whatever it is that you’re saying or proposing. On the other hand, if your interviewer shakes their head while conversing with you then this could be an indication of them disagreeing with something that was said or proposed during the conversation.

4. Smiles – Smiling during an interview can be a positive sign for both parties involved; it shows that both individuals are engaged in the conversation and enjoying each other’s company (at least on some level). Notice whether or not your interviewer smiles when conversing with you; if so, this could indicate that they find what you have to say interesting and engaging.

Understanding your interviewer's body language

5. Fidgeting – While subtle fidgeting can happen from time to time during interviews (especially if there are long pauses between questions), excessive fidgeting could be an indicator of boredom or disinterest from your interviewer’s perspective.. If your interviewer seems to be tapping their feet under the table or shifting around frequently while conversing with you then this may indicate that they are less than enthused by what is being discussed and/or proposed during the job interview process.

Being aware of these five common indicators of interviewer body language will help give insight into how well received one’s answers may have been during an interview process. Pay close attention to nonverbal cues such as eye contact, posture, head nods, smiles, and fidgeting when conversing with potential employers; doing so will help ensure a successful job search experience! Good luck! You don’t have to do this alone.

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