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Your Career Coach, Brian

As a Career Coach Brian helps remove personal and professional obstacles to growth and serves as a guide in the the pursuit of your life’s work. He works on your behalf as a motivator, ally, truth-teller, problem solver, resource broker, and consultant.

He created this career coaching website to  help you identify what is important for you to accomplish, how to get there, and help you navigate a course that will help you work with purpose while you accomplish your goals.

Careers have become much more personalized in the course of his own 25 year journey in recruiting and talent acquisition, because of this Brian teaches that you will have a much greater chance of success when you define what success means to you before you focus on the techniques to get there.

There are many paths to success in professional life and Brian has seen most of them. He has served some of the most famous companies in the world globally and has been involved in thousands of hiring decisions. 

Brian is a people developer and futurist. He created an international career in his field through hard work, risk taking, and luck that has that led him to an avocation in executive coaching and working with people on their path to finding their life’s work. Brian’s specialty is helping high-achieving individuals integrate their professional life with their values through a strengths-based coaching methodology incorporating both tools he has been trained to use and methods he has developed throughout his career.

Brian's Ego Wall:

Brian Fenerty

While Brian is not taking on Career Coaching clients at the moment he is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and is busy creating workbooks and authoring books to help you in your career.

Brian lives with his wife in South Florida and when he is not coaching or managing global recruiting teams he can be found in, on, or near the water enjoying his life. Brian is a bird watcher.

Checkout Brian's Latest Book:

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Every career journey is different and unique and many can benefit from some specific guidance along the way. In addition to our career coaching website we publish books, workbooks and audio books (soon) to help you lean into your strengths :

Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want – paperback/Kindle

In a job market like this fewer than 2% of job seekers will get an interview for any given job opening. In order to give jobseekers an advantage Brian Fenerty has just published a brand new book called “How to Find a Job You Love and Get the Job You Want – The Only Job Hunting Guide You Need”. 

Signing Bonus Negotiation Workbook – digital download

When you’re offered a new job, it’s normal to feel ecstatic. After all, you’ve worked hard to get to this point in your career and you deserve it. But before you sign on the dotted line, there’s one more important thing to consider: your signing bonus.

Interview Preparation Workbook – digital download

How you introduce yourself, the questions you ask, and what you share about your own experiences will make a big impression on potential employers.  The way you behave in those interviews will have a specific effect on the number and quality of offers you receive, etc…

This workbook was created to give you the confidence you need to perform in your next job interview and stand out from the crowd. In it you will learn:

– How to answer “Tell me about yourself?”
– What questions you should ask them.
– The employer’s perspective.
– How to set salary expectations.

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