Knowing Your ‘Why’ Can Benefit Your Health

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Knowing your ‘why’ can help you build a fulfilling career and achieve your goals in your personal life. It’s the purpose that underlies all that you do. Getting in touch with this offers a wide range of benefits, including improvements to your health. It may even enable you to enjoy a longer life. While this may seem too good to be true it is not.  When our life’s work aligns with our purpose and values life is easier to live.  The goals we set may be huge, the workload can be tremendous, and, yet, the alignment we enjoy and the passion we develop lighten the emotional stress that can drag us down when we are not following our purpose. 

A Life with Meaning
Understanding your ‘why’ gives your life meaning. Why do you get out of bed in the morning? There has to be something that drives us to get through our days. Do you have a clear idea of what this is? The time you spend identifying and clarifying your ‘why’ can make you feel more positive about your daily life.

Reduce Your Stress
Various studies show that living with purpose reduces the risk of various health problems and a major one is stress. People can more easily maintain a mental balance and cope with stressors whenever they occur. Managing stress better with your ‘why’ in hand can help reduce the risk of stress-related health problems such as heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Hope for the Future
Your ‘why’ keeps you looking ahead, and everyone needs this. Without hope for the future, you can easily get mired in today’s troubles and lose sight of your goal. Studies have shown that having a future to look forward to is a major factor in living a healthy life. This is also helped by having some higher purpose to live for other than yourself.

Better Mental Health
Just like physical health, your ‘why’ improves your mental health. Studies show that people with a purpose have better overall mental health and suffer less from depression and anxiety. This relates to other health disorders such as insomnia and eating disorders. A good mental balance helps you maintain moderation and healthy habits.

Live a Longer Life
Good physical and mental health is a key ingredient to a long lifespan. There are many causes of longevity, including diet and genetics. But in populations where people live longest, it’s been found that having a purpose and things to look forward to are major factors. Maintaining overall health also helps you to avoid physical ailments that can result in premature death. Knowing your ‘why’ could literally save your life.

Speed Up Recovery
Living with purpose plays a huge role in recovering from illnesses and injuries. Rehabilitation and recovery are not easy. There’s great adversity along the way and not everyone makes it. If you’re in touch with why you do what you do, this can help you recover more quickly and more fully.

Figure Out Your ‘Why’ Today
The sooner you figure out your ‘why,’ the sooner you can start establishing positive, healthy habits, and the sooner you’ll see real results in your health. It starts with asking yourself some key questions and uncovering the hidden reason for all that you do, and then clarifying this and learning how to use it in every aspect of your life.

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