Six Wonderful Wellness Queries for Your Next Job Interview

Six Wonderful Wellness Queries for Your Next Job Interview

Asking About Wellness in Your Next Job Interview

Finding the perfect job is hard work. Not only do you have to find a company whose mission aligns with your values and goals, but you also need to ensure that the workplace culture is conducive to your wellbeing.

Asking questions about wellness during the job interview process can help you make sure that your next job is the right fit for you.

What Does Wellness at Work Include?

When it comes to talking about wellness in the context of a job interview, it’s important to define what exactly we mean by “wellness”. Generally speaking, workplace wellness includes physical health, mental health, emotional health, and overall work-life balance. All of these factors are essential for ensuring that employees feel safe and supported in their roles and have access to the resources they need in order to succeed.

Questions To Ask About Wellness During Your Job Interview

Asking questions about wellness during a job interview can help ensure that you are on the same page with potential employers when it comes to creating an environment where employees thrive. Here are some examples of questions you might want to ask:
• What kind of support does the company provide its employees regarding physical/mental/emotional health?
• Are there any employee assistance programs or other types of services that I can utilize if needed?
• How does the company promote work-life balance among employees?
• How often do staff members take breaks throughout their shifts? • Is there an emphasis on team collaboration and problem solving within this role?
• Are employees encouraged to take time off from work when needed?

Answering these questions during a job interview will give you insight into how well the company understands wellness and how dedicated they are to creating a healthy work environment for their staff members. Additionally, asking these types of questions will show potential employers that you value your own wellbeing as much as theirs!
Asking about wellness during a job interview is key for finding out whether or not a particular role is right for you. Understanding what kind of support exists within an organization—both in terms of physical/mental/emotional health as well as work-life balance—can help ensure that your next job is one where you feel happy and fulfilled both professionally and personally. So don’t be afraid to ask those tough questions—you deserve nothing less than an employer who understands and respects your wellbeing!


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